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Mini Split Sizing Calculator

Use our mini-split sizing calculator to size your ductless system, whether you need a mini-split for a single room or rooms.

To use the calculator, first enter your room name, then select room height, and then enter the width, length, number of windows, and number of occupants.

Then, select your climate zone using our climate zone chart below the calculator. Lastly, select your home's insulation state and the room location. Now you're ready to hit "Calculate BTU"!

In the case of multi-room setups, tap on "Add Room." The added room will be added below the climate region chart. You can delete the room using the "Delete Room" button.

Should you have a more intricate arrangement and need sizing guidance, please get in touch with us at or 256-633-6553.

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Heating BTU's Required:
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The Trade Table Mini Split Calculator

Added Rooms:

Mini Split Sizing Calculator Chart

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BTU Capability                 Square Feet

6,000 BTUs                                                                                  Up to 260 sq ft

9,000 BTUs                                                                                  240 - 390 sq ft

12,000 BTUs                                                                                360 - 500 sq ft

15,000 BTUs                                                                                480 - 620 sq ft

18,000 BTUs                                                                                600 - 750 sq ft

24,000 BTUs                                                                             720 - 1,000 sq ft

30,000 BTUs                                                                             960 - 1,240 sq ft

36,000 BTUs                                                                          1,200 - 1,500 sq ft

42,000 BTUs                                                                          1,440 - 1,740 sq ft

48,000 BTUs                                                                          1,680 - 2,000 sq ft

54,000 BTUs                                                                          1,920 - 2,240 sq ft

60,000 BTUs                                                                          2,160 - 2,600 sq ft

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