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Mini Split for RV

Enjoy temperature control on-the-go with a Mini Split System designed specifically for RVs. Experience efficient heating and cooling solutions that provide optimal comfort during your travels. Stay comfortable and refreshed on your RV adventures with a mini split system that delivers reliable temperature control. Why settle for less when you can enjoy whisper-quiet operation, energy savings, and easy installation? Shop now and transform your RV into a cozy retreat on the road with our mini split systems.

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Can I Install A Mini Split In My RV?

Absolutely! Many RV owners already enjoy the benefits of Mini Split systems. They're a smart choice for controlling the climate inside your RV efficiently. Just make sure your RV has enough space for both the indoor and outdoor units​​​​​​.

Is A Mini Split More Efficient Than A Traditional RV Air Conditioner?

Yes, Mini Splits are usually more efficient than traditional RV air conditioners. They have higher SEER ratings, meaning they use less electricity to keep your space cool or warm, making them a greener and more cost-effective option​​.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Mini Split In An RV?

The cost can vary widely, usually between $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the system's size, brand, and whether you install it yourself or hire a professional. Remember, due to its efficiency, investing in a Mini Split can save you money in the long run​​.

Can A Mini Split Be Used For Heating?

Yes, many Mini Split systems come with a heat pump, meaning you can use them for both cooling and heating your RV. This feature is perfect for those who love to travel in all seasons​​.

What Size Mini Split Do I Need For My RV?

It depends on your RV's size and insulation quality. Generally, you'd need between 30 to 40 BTU per square foot. For small to medium RVs, a unit ranging from 9,000 to 12,000 BTU is recommended, while larger RVs might need up to 18,000 BTU​​.

How Do I Determine The Right BTU Capacity For My RV?

To figure out the right BTU capacity for your RV, you'll need to consider several factors, including the size of your RV, the level of insulation, and how much sun exposure it gets. It's essential to lean towards a higher BTU if you're unsure because RVs, often made with materials like aluminum and steel, can retain heat, making them warmer.

Where to Buy Mini Split for RV

When exploring Mini Split options for your RV, there are many choices available. For top-quality HVAC products, The Trade Table, is the Premier Home Store in the field.

GREE Sapphire 12K BTU 30.5 SEER Wall Mount Mini-Split Single Zone Heat Pump - SAP12HP230V1A

The GREE Sapphire series model SAP12HP230V1A is a highly efficient wall-mounted mini-split heat pump designed to keep RVs comfortable with both heating and cooling capabilities. Offering a 12,000 BTU capacity and an impressive 30.5 SEER efficiency rating, this unit ensures comfort with reduced energy expenditure. Its sleek wall-mounted design integrates seamlessly into any space, providing targeted temperature management without taking up floor space. Perfect for RVs, homes, or small business settings, the GREE Sapphire 12K model stands out for its dependable performance, advanced technological features, and commitment to environmental sustainability, making it an excellent investment for sophisticated climate control solutions.

GREE Sapphire 12K BTU 30.5 SEER Wall Mount Mini-Split Single Zone Heat Pump - SAP12HP230V1A
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