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1 Ton Mini Split

When your central AC unit dies and you’re tired of paying for expensive repairs or waiting on the HVAC repair guy to show up whenever he feels like it. It’s time to consider an efficient alternative like a mini-split system. A 1 Ton Mini Split is perfect for cooling a few rooms in your home without the hassle and high cost of a full central AC replacement.

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How Many BTU Is A 1 Ton Mini Split

A 1 Ton Mini Split has a BTU rating of 12,000. This measurement indicates the amount of heat energy needed to cool or heat a space effectively.

How Much Does A 1 Ton Mini Split Cover?

A 1 Ton Mini Split typically covers approximately 400-500 square feet. For larger spaces, consider a bigger unit or multi-zone mini splits for optimal cooling or heating.

How Many Square Feet Does A 1 Ton Mini Split Cool?

The cooling capacity of a 1 Ton Mini Split, is best utilized in areas like bedrooms, home offices, or garages. It reliably meets basic cooling demands within an average range of 400 to 500 square feet.

Finding the Perfect Fit

  • For the average 10x10 bedroom with standard insulation and few windows, a 1-ton mini split should do the trick nicely. However, if your room is on the higher end of the range at 12x15, has vaulted ceilings, or gets lots of direct sunlight, you'll want to consider upgrading to a slightly larger unit, like a 1.5 or 2-ton.

Professional Assessment for Precision

  • In the end, the most accurate way to determine the right size mini split for your room is to have an HVAC contractor evaluate your unique space and cooling requirements. They can measure the room dimensions, assess the insulation, and recommend a properly sized unit so you get the cooling power you need without overpaying for excess capacity.

How Many Amps Does A 1 Ton Mini Split Use

Standard 1-Ton Units

  • A typical 1-ton mini split unit will draw around 15 to 20 amps when the compressor is running. The actual amperage will depend on the efficiency and specifications of the particular unit you choose. More efficient inverter-driven units may draw slightly less, while lower SEER-rated units could draw slightly more.

Start-Up Surge

  • When the compressor first kicks on, there is an initial surge of power to get it started that can be significantly higher than the running amperage. This start-up surge, also known as locked rotor amps (LRA), in a 1-ton mini split can be 60-100% higher than the rated amperage. So your 15 amp unit may temporarily draw 22-30 amps for a second when starting up.

Choose the Right Circuit

  • To properly power a 1-ton mini split AC unit, you'll want to install it on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. A 20 amp, 240V circuit should be able to handle the running amperage load as well as the temporary start-up surge without issues. Installing the unit on an undersized 15 amp circuit could cause problems, with the breaker tripping repeatedly. It's best to have an HVAC professional size and install the appropriate circuit for your mini split system.

Other Considerations

In addition to the AC unit itself, also consider any additional components that will be installed and powered on the same circuit, such as:

  • An air handler or fan coil unit
  • A thermostat to control the system
  • Condensate pumps to remove excess moisture

The combined amperage of all components should be considered to properly size the circuit and avoid overloading. It's also a good idea to leave some spare capacity on the circuit, around 20-25%, for the temporary surges and spikes that can occur. Properly sizing the circuit and components of your mini-split system will help ensure efficient, trouble-free operation for years to come.

How Much Is A 1 Ton Mini Split

For the entire 1 Ton Mini Split system, which includes both the outdoor condenser unit and indoor air handler, you're looking at an average cost of $1,000 to $4,000. If you only get the indoor air handler without the outdoor component, that can run you between $400 to $1,000 or more. Keep in mind that installation expenses can fluctuate based on labor rates and the complexity of the setup.

How Much Freon Does A1 Ton Mini Split Take

The amount of refrigerant needed for a 1 Ton Mini Split system typically falls within the range of 2 to 3 pounds. However, verifying this information is essential by reviewing the manufacturer's guidelines or seeking advice from an HVAC professional.

What are the primary benefits of installing a 1 ton mini split system in a home or office?

The advantages, such as energy efficiency, individual temperature control, and ease of installation, make 1-ton mini split systems a popular choice for heating and cooling.

Can a 1 ton mini split system be used for both heating and cooling purposes?

Yes, a 1 ton mini split system can serve both heating and cooling needs, efficiently managing indoor temperatures through the transfer of heat. These systems, adaptable for single or multi-zone applications, allow for temperature control in specific areas without the capability to heat and cool different zones simultaneously unless equipped with advanced features.

What is the average lifespan of a 1 ton mini split system, and how does it compare to traditional systems?

The average lifespan of a 1 ton mini split system is around 10 to 15 years, with potential to last up to 20 years or more with proper maintenance and efficient use. This lifespan is comparable to traditional HVAC systems, which generally last between 15 to 25 years.

What are the environmental impacts of using a 1 ton mini split system?

Using a 1 ton mini split system has several environmental impacts, primarily positive due to its energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional HVAC systems. Mini splits operate on less power, thanks to their ductless design, which minimizes energy loss associated with ductwork. This efficiency translates to lower electricity consumption, contributing to decreased demand on power plants and a corresponding reduction in the carbon footprint.

Can a homeowner install a 1-ton mini split system themselves, or is professional installation recommended?

While a homeowner with sufficient DIY skills and understanding of electrical systems might consider installing a 1 ton mini split system themselves, professional installation is strongly recommended. This recommendation is due to the technical complexities involved, including handling refrigerant, ensuring proper electrical connections, and achieving the optimal placement for efficiency and performance.

What are the most common maintenance tasks for a 1 ton mini split system?

The most common maintenance tasks for a 1 ton mini split system include cleaning or replacing the air filters regularly to ensure efficient airflow and prevent dust accumulation, which can degrade performance and air quality.

Are there any government incentives or rebates available for installing energy-efficient 1 ton mini split systems?

Government incentives or rebates for installing energy-efficient 1 ton mini split systems vary by location but are commonly available in many regions as part of efforts to encourage energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These incentives can come from federal, state, or local governments, as well as utility companies, and often take the form of tax credits, rebates, or low-interest financing options.

Where To Buy 1 Ton Mini Split

You can purchase a 1 Ton Mini Split right below on The Trade Table, The Premier Home Store for HVAC products.

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GREE Sapphire 12K BTU 30.5 SEER Wall Mount Mini-Split Single Zone Heat Pump - SAP12HP230V1A

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