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Mini Split for Garage

As a homeowner, keeping your garage at a comfortable temperature can be challenging. Standard HVAC systems are not designed to heat and cool detached garages efficiently. However, installing a mini-split system in your garage provides an energy-efficient solution to regulate the temperature.

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If you use your garage as a workspace, storage area, or for hobbies, stabilizing the temperature with a mini-split system will make the space more comfortable and usable all year round. A mini split can be a worthwhile investment with professional installation to utilize better and enjoy your garage.

Why Install a Mini Split for Garage?

Installing a mini-split system in your garage can make the space more usable and comfortable. Here are some of the main benefits of adding a mini-split to your garage:

Improved temperature control

  • A mini split gives you the ability to heat and cool your garage to the perfect temperature for any activity. This means you can work on hobbies, exercise, host parties, or use the space as a home office year-round.

Energy efficiency

  • Mini-splits are very energy efficient since they only need to heat or cool the areas you want to use. They can reduce energy usage and lower utility bills compared to heating and cooling the entire house.

Flexible zone control

  • Mini-splits let you set different temperatures for different zones in your garage. For example, you may want it cooler in the area you use for woodworking and warmer in the lounge area. You have complete control over the temperature in each zone.
Mini Split for Garage

Quiet operation

  • Mini-splits are designed to operate very quietly. They won't disturb you or annoy your neighbors, and the white noise can even be soothing.


  • While the initial purchase and installation costs may be significant, mini splits can save you money in the long run through lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs. They also add value to your home.

What Size Mini Split for Garage

When choosing a mini-split for your garage, it's important to consider the size of the space and your specific heating and cooling needs. Here are three top mini splits for garages:

  1. The 24000 BTU mini split is popular for larger garages. It can efficiently heat and cool a space up to around 1,500 square feet. This mini split is ideal for those who want to use their garage as a workshop, gym, or entertainment space.
  2. The 30k BTU mini split is an excellent option for larger garages, especially with high ceilings. It's powerful enough to heat and cool a space up to around 2,000 square feet. This mini split is perfect for those who want to use their garage for multiple purposes, such as a workspace and a recreational area.
  3. The 12000 BTU mini split is a good choice for smaller garages or those who only need to heat and cool a specific area within the space. This mini split can efficiently heat and cool a space up to around 600 square feet. It's ideal for those who use their garage as a home office or a workout space.

Planned usage

How you use your garage impacts the necessary cooling capacity. A smaller unit will work if you only use it for vehicle storage. However, choose a larger model if you use it as a workshop or recreational space.

ductless mini split for garage

Local climate conditions

The temperature and humidity in your area determine how much cooling power you need. Hotter, more humid climates require higher BTU ratings compared to milder weather. Check your local weather statistics to determine the appropriate size.

Additional heat sources

Factor in any heat-generating sources like power tools, freezers, or other appliances that will operate in the garage. Their additional heat requires a unit with a higher BTU rating to keep the space comfortable.

Ductless Mini Split for Garage: Single Zone vs. Multi-Zone

Single Zone Systems

  • A single zone mini split has one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit, heating and cooling a single space. This is an affordable, simple option if you only need temperature control in your garage. Single zone units start around $500-$1500, depending on the brand, model, and capacity.

Multi-Zone Systems

  • For controlling temperatures in separate areas or on different floors, a multi-zone mini-split is ideal. One outdoor unit can connect to up to four indoor units, letting you designate different temperature zones. This is useful if you want to heat your garage workshop but not an attached storage area. Multi-zone systems do cost more, starting around $1500-$5000 for a two-zone system and increasing from there based on the number of zones and unit capacities.

Multi-zone systems also offer more advanced features like:

  • Individual thermostats for precise control in each zone.
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling are useful if some areas get more sun exposure.
  • Zone controllers easily adjust temperatures for the entire system.

Installation of a multi-zone mini split does require multiple indoor units to be mounted and connected to the outdoor compressor, so professional installation is typically recommended, adding to the total cost. For a garage, a multi-zone system may be overkill unless you have a large space with clearly defined separate areas for different uses.

garage mini split air conditioner

Top Brands of Garage Mini Split Air Conditioner

When choosing a mini-split system for your garage, several top brands are worth considering based on performance, efficiency, and reliability. These units provide zonal heating and cooling for garages and workshops.


  • Daikin is another reputable brand that produces high-quality mini splits for garages and other applications. Their Emura and SkyAir lines offer units with SEERs up to 24.5 for maximum efficiency. Daikin's proprietary inverter compressor technology helps reduce temperature fluctuations. They provide a 12-year parts warranty for peace of mind. Daikin splits are a popular, dependable option for heating and cooling garages.

Buck Cool

  • You have control over your installation using their EZ connect systems. Installing your micro split system takes about 4 hours, saving you from paying high installation costs and standing in line for a specialist.
  • Any Space (Garage, In-Law Suite, Pool House, Workshop) Can Be Heated and Cooled. A second source to support or enhance a heater or fireplace. There are no missing pieces of insulation, tubing, tape, lines, or remote controls.


  • As its name indicates, MRCOOL provides customers with heating and cooling options. To ensure the highest level of quality and dependability, its goods go through sophisticated development and manufacturing procedures.
  • Easy DIY installation is available with the MRCOOL DIY-12-HP-115B25 Ductless Mini Split System. Numerous intelligent technologies, like WiFi and app connection, are included in this device. It provides 12,000 BTU of cooling power in terms of performance. A 500-square-foot garage may be cooled by using R-410A refrigerant. It also has a verified SEER value of 22, making it the best option for energy-efficient use.

What Size Mini Split for 24x24 Garage

For a 24x24 garage, a mini-split system with a cooling capacity of around 9,000 to 15,000 BTUs should be suitable, depending on the insulation and climate. Consult an HVAC professional for a precise recommendation.

What Size Mini Split for 2 Car Garage

A 2-car garage, usually measuring around 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep, should be adequately cooled with a mini-split system having a cooling capacity of approximately 6,000 to 12,000 BTUs. The actual size depends on factors like insulation, climate, windows, and garage usage. Consulting an HVAC professional is recommended to ensure accurate sizing and the best recommendation for your garage.

How to Size a Mini Split for Garage

We have two blogs that will be perfect for helping size a mini split for garage: what size mini split for garage and our mini split sizing guide!

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Air Conditioner Garage

Overall, installing a mini-split system in your garage can provide numerous benefits. A unit with sufficient cooling and heating capacity can help ensure your garage remains a comfortable work environment year-round.

A mini-split efficient and quiet operation means you can continue to enjoy your garage space without excessive noise or energy usage. 

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