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Mini Split Single Zone

As an energy-conscious homeowner, you're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce utility bills. One upgrade that can make a big impact is installing a mini split single zone system. A ductless mini split is an innovative heating and cooling solution that provides targeted temperature control for specific areas of your home.

Let's see how a Mini Split Single Zone system can help lower your energy usage and create an optimized level of comfort in your home.

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What Is A Single Zone Mini Split

A Single Zone Mini Split system is an efficient heating and cooling solution for a single room or area, featuring one outdoor and one indoor unit. It is perfect for improving temperature control in individual spaces, such as room additions or areas where traditional HVAC systems fall short.

What Is the Largest Single Zone Mini Split System?

As an alternative to central HVAC, mini-split systems can effectively heat and cool your home. For large spaces, the largest single zone mini split system may be required.

  • A single zone mini split system has one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit. The largest options can handle areas up to 1,500 square feet. Popular brands like MrCool, Buck Cool, Mitsubishi, LG, and Samsung offer single zone systems in the 24,000 to 36,000 BTU range, suitable for most residential and light commercial needs.

Factors to Consider When Determining the Size of an Air Conditioner for Your Space

Square footage

  • The larger the area, the higher the BTU requirement. For the biggest single rooms, choose a capacity of at least 30,000 BTU.

Windows and doors

  • More openings mean more opportunities for heat/air loss and gain. Increase BTU for spaces with lots of windows or doors.


  • Well-insulated areas require less heating and cooling. For poorly insulated spaces, choose a unit with a higher BTU to account for energy inefficiency.

Room use

  • Bedrooms and living rooms have higher capacity needs than storage areas or garages. Consider how the space is used when determining the right size.

    How Many BTUs Do I Need for a Mini Split Single Zone?

    For cooling a space with a mini split, you should calculate 20 BTUs per square foot. Therefore, a 500 square foot room would need a 10,000 BTU unit. For heating, start with the same estimate, but keep in mind that colder climates and less insulated spaces might need more BTUs.

    Finding the Perfect Fit: Use a Sizing Tool for Precision

    • To get the most accurate size, consider using a tool that factors in your specific room conditions and climate to recommend the exact size you need.

      Additional Heat Sources

      Occupancy and Usage

      • A frequently used living space with multiple occupants will need more cooling power than an infrequently used guest room. For a main living area, increase BTU by 10% per additional person. For high-traffic commercial spaces, add 30-50% more BTU.

      Where to Buy Mini Split Single Zone Systems

      When looking to purchase a mini split single zone system, you have several options
      to consider, the top option is The Trade Table, the Premier Home Store for HVAC products.

      GREE Vireo+ Ultra 36K BTU 18 SEER Wall Mount Mini-Split Single Zone Heat Pump - VIRU36HP230V1A

      Meet the GREE Vireo+ Ultra, a model VIRU36HP230V1A mini-split heat pump that's all about keeping big rooms just the right temperature, whether it's hot or cold outside. It's got a big 36,000 BTU capacity and is super efficient with an 18 SEER rating, meaning it won't break the bank with energy bills. If you're on the lookout for a dependable way to control the temperature in larger spaces, the Vireo+ Ultra is a solid choice, offering top-notch performance without any fuss.

      GREE Vireo+ Ultra 36K BTU 18 SEER Wall Mount Mini-Split Single Zone Heat Pump - VIRU36HP230V1A

      Long-Term Benefits of Installing a Mini-Split Single-Zone System for Temperature Control and Efficiency in Your Home

      As you've seen, a mini-split single-zone air conditioner and heat pump can be a great choice for efficient cooling and heating of specific areas of your home. While a single-zone unit may lack some of the advanced features of a multi-zone system, for cooling and heating a single room they can be very effective. With proper installation and maintenance, a mini-split single-zone system can provide comfortable temperatures for many years in an eco-friendly, cost-effective manner. A mini split may be just the solution you're looking for to improve the temperature control and efficiency in your home.

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