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Mini Split for 1200 Sq Ft

Take control of your indoor climate and finances with our Mini Split system designed for 1200 sq ft areas. Our solution offers you the ultimate in cooling and heating efficiency, delivering precise comfort, energy savings, and a greener, more sustainable way to enhance your living space year-round.

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What Size Mini Split For 1200 Sq Ft

Generally, a 24000 BTU Mini Split system is often a good starting point for cooling and heating a 1200 sq ft area. Still, you must consider various factors, including the climate in your area, insulation, the number of windows and doors, and the specific layout of the room and space. A system that can effectively handle a 1200 sq ft area is a 30000 BTU Mini Split. It provides ample cooling power to quickly reach and maintain the desired temperature, ensuring consistent comfort even in the most challenging conditions. 

Mini Split for 1200 Sq Ft

How Big Of Mini Split For 1200 Sq Ft

Consider more than just the room size when choosing a mini-split system for a 1200 sq ft space. Older buildings often need bigger systems because they are not good at keeping heat or cool air. But newer, more energy-saving buildings can do fine with a smaller unit.

Climate and Ceiling Height

  • The climate in your area plays a significant role in determining the right system. You'll need a stronger system if it's really hot or cold most of the year. But a smaller system should work fine if the weather is usually mild.
  • The height of your ceilings is important, too. Most of the time, we figure out what you need based on having 8-foot ceilings. So, if your ceilings are higher, you'll need a bigger system to heat or cool the extra space.

How do I Calculate What Size Mini Split I Need?

Considering multiple factors is essential when calculating the size of a Mini Split system for your space. The first thing you need to do is measure the square footage, and then you have to check your space's ability to keep in heat or cold, and how tall the rooms are since more elevated rooms may require a larger system. To make things more convenient, use our Mini Split Sizing Calculator to ensure you choose the right system, especially for 1200 Sq Ft space.

Where to Buy Mini Split for 1200 Sq Ft

You can buy a Mini Split for 1200 Sq Ft spaces from a range of trusted sources, ensuring you can select the great system for your needs. But the best options is:

The Trade Trade

  • The Trade Table is a Premier Home Store for HVAC products. Consider checking out our store for Mini Split for 1200 Sq Ft below. We offer a selection of these systems below.

If you want to explore more options, feel free to check out our wide range collection of Mini Split Systems.

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Contact The Trade Table!

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