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Auroom Sauna

The Auroom Sauna Collection at The Trade Table epitomizes luxury and wellness, crafted for those who seek a premium, rejuvenating sauna experience in the comfort of their home. This collection features a range of elegantly designed saunas, combining modern aesthetics with traditional sauna functionality. Each sauna in this collection is constructed with superior-quality materials, ensuring durability and optimal heat distribution. The Auroom Saunas are not only a centerpiece of relaxation but also a statement of sophisticated style, tailored to enhance the ambiance of any home. Begin your journey to wellbeing with Auroom Sauna today—your retreat awaits.

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What Types Of Saunas Does Auroom Offer?

Auroom offers a variety of sauna models, including both indoor and outdoor options. Their selection ranges from traditional to modern designs, accommodating different preferences and space requirements. Each model is crafted to provide a unique wellness experience.

Can Auroom Saunas Be Customized?

Absolutely! Auroom saunas offer customization options to suit your unique preferences and the space you have available. You'll have the freedom to pick from different sizes, materials, and extra features, such as lighting and sound systems, so your sauna truly reflects your tastes. This way, every sauna we create is a custom-made sanctuary that perfectly matches your needs and style.

What Materials Are Used In Auroom Saunas?

Auroom cares about quality and the environment, so they use top-notch, sustainable materials in their saunas. They pick premium woods like Canadian Hemlock, Cedar, and Aspen. They choose these materials because they're tough, look good, and keep the sauna at the right temperature, ensuring your sauna time is safe and enjoyable.

How Are Auroom Saunas Installed?

Auroom saunas are designed for straightforward installation, with some models suitable for DIY projects. For more complex installations, professional assistance is recommended. Each sauna has a detailed installation guide to ensure a smooth setup process.

What Is The Warranty And After-Sales Support Like?

Auroom offers a complete warranty for their saunas, which includes protection against any material or quality issues for a set time. Plus, they have a great customer service team standing by to help with any questions or concerns you might have, even after you've made your purchase.

How Energy-Efficient Are Auroom Saunas?

Auroom saunas are engineered for energy efficiency, featuring insulation and heaters designed to minimize power consumption. This reduces operating costs and supports more sustainable usage, making each session enjoyable and eco-friendly.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Using An Auroom Sauna?

An Auroom sauna can offer numerous health benefits, including stress relief, improved circulation, detoxification, and muscle relaxation. Regular sauna sessions can support a healthier immune system and contribute to overall wellness.

How Much Do Auroom Saunas Cost?

The price of Auroom saunas depends on the model, size, customizations, and materials chosen. They provide a variety of price points to accommodate different budgets, ensuring everyone can find a top-notch sauna that suits their wallet and wellness goals.

How Long Does It Take To Receive An Auroom Sauna After Ordering?

Delivery times for Auroom saunas depend on the model, customization, and location. Auroom aims to ship saunas as efficiently as possible, with specific timelines provided at the time of order to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction.

Are There Any Safety Features In Auroom Saunas?

Auroom saunas are equipped with several safety features, including temperature controls, timer settings, and high-quality materials resistant to heat and moisture. These features are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and reliable sauna experience.

Where To Buy Auroom Sauna?

You can find Auroom Saunas right below at The Trade Table. The Premier Home Store for Health and Wellness products.

Auroom Natura Outdoor Sauna Cabin

The Auroom Natura Outdoor Sauna Cabin is a luxurious retreat designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, offering a space for up to 5 people to enjoy the healing warmth of a sauna. It boasts elegant thermo-aspen wood, an inviting terrace, and expansive windows that merge the outdoors with the indoor warmth. Built to endure through seasons, its structure is fortified to manage heavy snow and equipped with gutters for rainy days, delivered ready to enchant without the need for assembly​​​​​​.

Auroom Natura Outdoor Sauna Cabin

  • Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit - Aspen

    Original price $5,450.00 - Original price $5,450.00
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    Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit - Aspen 1-person, Aspen, DIY, Modular Cabin, Sauna Kit The Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit is a comfortabl...

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    Original price $5,450.00 - Original price $5,450.00
    Original price
    $5,450.00 - $5,450.00
    Current price $5,450.00
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