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Mini Split Leaking Water: Why is My Mini Split Leaking Water

Mini Split Leaking Water: Why is My Mini Split Leaking Water

Jon Hubal
4 minute read

Having a Mini Split is excellent! Until you have a leak...especially if it's a brand new mini split leaking water.

If your mini-split is dripping water, that is definitely caused for concern. There are a few likely suspects as to why that is worth checking. The good news is the fix might be more straightforward than you think, saving you hundreds versus calling a pro. We'll help you diagnose your leaky mini-split system with the top five most common culprits to this problem. 

5 Reasons for Mini Split Leaking Water

1) Blocked Drain Line

A clogged drain (or condensate) line is the most likely answer. As interior units (evaporators) pull moisture from the air, the drain line transports the accumulated water in the drain pan to the outdoor unit. If the line becomes clogged, the drain pan will start to overflow. If this is the case, the mini-split missed spring cleaning, and you're probably overdue for maintenance. But hey, aren't we all?

leaking mini split

2) Damaged Drain Pan

Drain pan damage is the second most common reason for your mini split leaking water. Even though they're designed for it, drain pans take a corrosive beating from the constant water contact. This causes them to rust and degrade over time, eventually leaving holes in them. Also, most drain pans are as old as the system itself, and their material may break down and become weak or brittle. Any wear and tear over the years can cause leak vectors. You may need to contact the manufacturer to replace it.

why is my mini split leaking water

3) Dirty Air Filter

A dirty filter is dangerous to air quality and system efficiency and can even cause your unit to leak water. A saturated filter causes particles to collect on the evaporator's coils – blocking airflow and freezing the coils. The ice melts when the frozen coils regain warmth, causing water to drip. The easy solution here is to clean or replace the filter. 

brand new mini split leaking water

4) Condensate Pump

Some mini-splits have a pump for the drain pan to help it along. If the pump is defective or damaged, water will leak from the indoor air handler. The fix here is to replace or fix the pump, likely by contacting the manufacturer. It may require a professional to fix or install unless you are confident in your mechanical skills.

mr cool leaking water

5) Refrigerant Line

Like dirty air filters, being low on refrigerant causes the evaporator coils to freeze. When they melt, the amount of water released is often more than the drain and evaporator can manage – causing a mini split to leak water. On the bright side, it is still water, but a problem nonetheless. It's recommended to have a professional replace the freon (refrigerant) since it has acidic properties and can be dangerous to your health.

mini split dripping water

Why is My Mini Split Leaking Water

If your mini-split is still leaking water, it's time to call an expert. You can easily find an HVAC tech by googling "HVAC Techs near me," or you can go to the Talking Tradesmen Forum and ask for help from HVAC experts. If you think it's time for a new mini-split, we have plenty of mini-split categories for you to browse. 

We offer mini-splits ranging from 12,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU, from 2-ton to 5-ton, or choose from a single zone, 2 zone, 3 zone, 4 zone, or even 5 zones! If you need figuring out what size mini split you need use our mini split sizing calculator to make it easy. 

Or you can make it easy and just shop our brands - MRCOOL, Buck Cool, EG4, and ACiQ (more coming soon!). 

Learn More About Mini-Splits

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