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Capturing the Payment

After selecting the items you want, you proceed to the checkout. You provide payment details, such as email address, credit card information, billing address, etc. This information is sent to a secure payment system that checks with your bank or payment provider to ensure you have enough funds or credit available for the purchase. Once your bank approves the transaction, the Payment is authorized, and the necessary amount will be on hold/reserved.

When we see transactions in our system, WE DON'T CAPTURE THE PAYMENT immediately. This implies that the designated amount will be retained in a pending state, held in reserve until we initiate the payment capture process. We'll go through the initial steps, such as using ClearSale (our Fraud Protection Partner), checking if the product is available, and ensuring the product has the right price.

Once all preparations are in place and your order is set for shipping, at this point, WE CAPTURE THE PAYMENT. This means the designated amount is now moved from your account to ours, finalizing the financial transaction. Both of us will get confirmation that the payment has been successfully completed. Capturing the Payment is our final step to ensure a successful transaction.

In any situation, such as products being out of stock, items being discontinued, margin issues, or products having incorrect prices, we will cancel the order and let you know promptly. Just to reiterate that, we don't immediately CAPTURE YOUR PAYMENT. Consequently, if we do cancel the order, you will receive a full refund since the payment wasn't captured in the first place.