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Health Hacks at Home: A Guide to Hacking your Health

Health Hacks at Home: A Guide to Hacking your Health

Maria Alenton
5 minute read

You can achieve health and wellness at home. It's not always easy, but it's possible. It would be relevant if you learned how to make small changes that will reap big rewards. Here are health hacks at home you can take (note we are not health professionals, consult with your health professional before making any health-related decision):

A Guide To Hacking Your Health at Home:

Make Exercise Fun.

Stress is a natural response that can be good in certain situations in small doses. You might feel stress when you have a big test or when you're going on a long trip—but if your stress levels are too high, it can cause severe health problems. 

Like many other emotions and feelings (such as fear), stress can be good in small doses if we get stressed out about something we need to do or something that has happened in our lives. 

These hormones alert us to focus better on what we need to do; they also trigger changes in our body so we're ready for action if needed!

But too much stress isn't good for anyone's health: It may lead to headaches and insomnia, muscle tension around the neck and shoulders, high blood pressure; heart disease; diabetes, depression (especially among children), and anxiety disorders such as panic

Hacking Your Health at Home

Eat Natural.

It's not enough to eat natural ingredients; you must prepare them healthy. Instead of using vegetable oil, prepare your meal with avocado oil which is full of healthy fats which your brain thrives off.

You should also avoid artificial ingredients when possible. Many restaurants use high-fructose corn syrup instead of sugar because it extends shelf life and makes the food taste sweeter. Avoid dyes like red-40,  xanthan gum, and pretty much any ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Additionally, you can improve your diet by cooking with fresh produce instead of frozen or canned goods. Food straight from the ground to your mouth is excellent for your health (obviously wash before consuming). Finding local farmers markets is easier than ever, there are many resources online such as to find fresh product and support your local

Upgrading Your Health at Home

Meditate Regularly.

Meditation is a powerful way to improve your life. It aids in reducing stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality and focus, and even improves overall health. But how do you start meditating if you're new to it? 

Meditation can be done anywhere and at any time—all that matters is that you have some quiet time alone where no one will interrupt or distract you.

You might prefer sitting on the floor with crossed legs, but many people find that sitting in an armchair or lying down on their back with their eyes closed works well for them. 

Meditation doesn't require any special equipment except perhaps something like a guided meditation audio file if silence feels uncomfortable at

Health Hacks

Consider Parasite Cleansing.

The rise of parasite cleansing is finally hitting the United States. It never went out of trend in other countries, and it is common for people to cleanse 3-6 times a year. I recently used the parafy kit to cleanse and had a massive parasite come out of me! It was a difficult experience, but worth it. I am so much better now. I'm not alone here; millions worldwide use natural herbal remedies to rid their bodies of harmful parasites yearly. Most of these people do it for their health and wellness. A parasite cleanse is a natural way to rid your body of harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause illness, disease, and even weight

Hacking Health with parasite cleaning

Get Enough Rest and Sleep.

Sleep is vital for your physical health, mental well-being, and happiness. When you don't get enough rest and sleep, your body may not function at its best. 

Sleep deprivation leads to depression, weight gain, and other health problems. Most adults have a recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. 

Sleep helps keep your hormones balanced, so they work correctly throughout the day. It also helps protect your brain from damage caused by stress or lack of oxygen which occurs when we're awake. Try out a health monitor like Fitbit or Whoop to track your sleep. Many people don't realize how often they wake up during the night! You could be in bed for 8 hours and only get 6 hours of sleep. Some ways to improve your sleep are taking magnesium (there is an argument on which kind is best, listen to Andrew Huberman to figure out what's best), wearing an eye mask, getting blackout curtains, not looking at a screen 90 minutes before bed, and not eating food within 2-3 hours of bed (all easier said than

Health Hacks at Home

Concluding Health Hacks Tips

The time is now if you've always wanted to change your health and wellness. You don't have to do any big things; start today by doing one little thing that will help improve your overall well-being! It can be as simple as getting more sleep or making better food choices. Let us know what health hacks we missed!

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