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Traditional Sauna Buying Guide

Traditional Sauna Buying Guide

Jon Hubal
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Saunas might be one of humankind's best inventions. A traditional sauna is a steam room where the steam is made from water and very hot rocks. The Finnish created saunas over 9,000 years ago, and they've only improved drastically since. These days, traditional saunas are as nice as they get - with elegant designs, much more safety and control, and plenty of practical features. Before you get ready to buy your epic sauna you need our traditional sauna buying guide. 

Infrared saunas have become very popular in recent years. Still, for those who prefer the traditional method's authenticity and simplicity, we've put together a guide to help you decide which one is perfect for you. Though not complex in nature, buying a sauna isn't a small decision and can be a major headache if you're not happy with it in the end. We'll cover all the things to look for in a great steam sauna so you know what to look for when shopping for your own!

CT Georgian Cabin Sauna

CT Georgian Cabin Sauna


The CT Georgian Cabin Sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna that is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating in the comfort of your home. It is made of high-quality materials and has a classic design that will complement any home décor.… read more

Sauna Price

The starting place for all purchases starts here – at the price tag. Understanding your price range is key to getting the right outdoor sauna. They typically range anywhere from about $2,000 for basic units to $+10,000 for luxury. They're generally made of some type of wood, and there is a notable price difference between them. Though more expensive, cedar and hemlock are excellent choices for durability and longevity. Other woods like pine or plywood work and can be much more cost-effective but will also warp and wear more over time. Other kinds of materials, like bamboo, can be used, but they aren't necessarily always a cheaper option. Design, quality, and features are other significant aspects that determine the price.

Some good pointers to know are that bigger isn't always better, and the cost isn't necessarily related to size. Many of the best saunas, both functionally and aesthetically, are not terribly huge. If you don't plan to use it with many people, you may want to sacrifice space for design and features that are more suited to you. 

Sauna Location

Placing an Outdoor Sauna

Consider where you're going to put the sauna and, most importantly, whether it will be indoor or outdoor. You may be more limited if purchasing an indoor steam room, as opposed to an outdoor one, where there is usually much more flexibility regarding space. Aesthetics are essential for both but are often considered more crucial on outdoor saunas since you see much more of them. 

If placing an outdoor sauna, try to position it somewhere it won't stand out – unless you plan to buy a truly beautiful bathhouse, you don't mind staring at it. Compact designs may be beneficial if you don't have a football field for a backyard or if you'd like to tuck it around the corner of a building like you would a shed. Keep in mind that you may be limited by the utility lines you need to run to it (plumbing, drainage, ventilation, and electrical). It may be worth checking with a pro on possible locations before you start shopping.

Sauna Size

How many people do you plan will use it, especially at one time? This is an important factor for sizing the unit and spatial requirements. Most saunas are about 7 ft high to minimize heat loss, but that can vary. They can be as small as 3ft x 3ft or as big as 12ft x 12ft if you want to have a party there.

You may want a smaller sauna, such as a 2-person or 4-person sauna because they are both cheaper to buy and operate and easier to maintain. But hey! a sauna party sounds pretty fun. 

Budget will probably be the final factor determining what size you go for. It's not always the case, but larger saunas like the 6-person sauna and Massive sauna may shoot up high in price. You sacrifice heat efficiency when going big, but it takes more energy to keep the heat and steam up. For that reason, many people rather splurge on a better medium-sized unit.

Medical 6 Plus™ Sauna

Medical 6 Plus™ Sauna


In a Nutshell The first-ever sauna designed to improve blood flow, heal your muscles, and achieve absolute pain relief for a better night's sleep. Fine Print Limit 2 per customer: Limited quantities avaliable. Any orders greater than 2 will automatically… read more

The Right Features

It's crucial to find a sauna that fits you and all your needs, whether with a simple cup holder or nice ambient lighting. You will be cooking alive in that thing, so try to get one you think will be most comfortable. Common features include chromotherapy (light therapy), digital smart touch control, LED lighting, sound systems, Bluetooth capability, and roof vents – to name a few. Ergonomic benches and integrated seating are a huge plus for both function and design, and windows and doors add to the natural ambiance and accessibility.

Haljas Hele Glass Mini

Haljas Hele Glass Mini


Haljas prides itself on crafting buildings that spark uniqueness. Hele Glass Mini is Haljas' smallest sauna from their Hele Glass series. It is created as a compact solution for a terrace or balcony, accommodating 2-3 people. The Light Glass Mini… read more

Sauna Safety 

Last but definitely not least is the safety of your sauna. Safety glass is important to withstand the constant expansion and contraction it will face. It should be made from 100% non-toxic materials. Especially since it will be exposed to high heat and steam pressure, and you will be exposed to that same heat and steam. Timers with automatic shut-down are essential, just in case someone decides to take an involuntary nap. And finally, check the electrical certification to ensure it has been properly assembled and poses no risk to you or your guests. 


Good companies with great products generally have excellent warranties as well. It is usually wise to stray from saunas that only warranty a little short or nothing at all. Two years is a minimum standard warranty which typically applies to at least the heating system, power supply, control panel, wood, and glass. 

Time to Buy your Traditional Sauna!

Saunas are infinitely wonderful. From the amazing health benefits they provide to the relaxation you feel after a long, hot session – these have stood the test of time for good reason. If you find it's time to treat yourself to your Finnish steam bath, follow these tips and pointers, and you'll be shopping confidently! 

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